Welcome to Chloe's Portfolio

Here you can follow my learning process in Web development and my work !

Enjoy and feel free to contact me !


Projects, skills and tech:

  • After one week of learning, I know :
    - HTML
    - Markdown
  • learning
  • I discovered and I'm currently learning how to use :
    - Sublime Text & Visual Studio Code
    - Linux Ubuntu
    - Git & Github
  • projects
  • Projects :
    - Continue to learn development's languages
    - Create my own website about writing and drawing using HTML, CSS and JS

About me:


Hi ! 👋
I'm Chloe Danisevicius, a creative and inventive person. I express myself through artistic hobbies that I'd love to share on this blog, such as writing, drawing and singing.

I'm 23 and I've been studying Speech Therapy until I heard more about web development in 2020. Since then, I'm an enthusiast young developer and I intend to write about my discoveries, my improvements and my projects !

Contact me:

You can reach me on Twitter, check my code on Github or my professionnal LinkedIn.
Or, you can simply use the form below ! 😸