Searches tips 馃挕

August 29, 20203 min read
New to development or not, tips on how to make a search are always useful.

A new adventure with O'clock 馃殌

August 24, 20202 min read
A quick intro to a 6 months journey !

Responsive's notion

May 13, 20202 min read
A quick explanation of what is a responsive design !

Presentation 馃帳

April 15, 20203 min read
Why am I suddenly learning web development, out of the blue ?!

The fun side of CSS 馃幉

April 6, 20202 min read
Learning CSS is a long and sometimes challenging process, but it can also be recreational !

How this Portfolio was made ? 馃彈

March 23, 20201 min read
A small explanation of the process behind this Website !

My first steps

March 21, 20201 min read
My first steps in Web development and an initial feedback on a long journey !馃毝鈥嶁檧