Presentation 🎤

April 15, 2020

How I ended up learning web development ? 🤔🖥

About me 🌿

I'm a 23 years old french woman and I'm from Bordeaux 🍷, France. I'm a creative being, and since as long as I can remember, I love to draw, write and sing. I'm not a pro in those fields but I love to share my creations 🦄 or my voice with my loved ones. Today I'd like to share one of my drawings on this blog. I can't share my voice yet but don't worry, I keep singing and I plan to realize a nice project !

Porco Rosso

As you can see I love Ghibli's universe. Here's a Porco Rosso ✈️ inspiration drawing ! I made it (from scratch obviously) thanks to Procreate on my iPad pro. It's a really instinctive app to draw using calque. It offers many different brushes 🖌 but you can also create your own or add downloaded brushes to your inventory. The feeling is almost paperlike, with added possibilities !


I'm also a horse enthusiast since 2004. I'm far from being a senior dev but I can say I'm a senior rider, haha. I can talk about horses and horsemanship for hours. But I'll only share two thoughts about this subject :

  • Keep a critical mind when people tell you about horses and how they comprehend them.
  • Always remember that this sport involves an intelligent and sensitive being who communicates through a different language that you must try to understand. "Art is the result of skill exalted by love" - (L'art, c'est la sublimation de la technique par l'amour) Nuno Oliveira

My student journey 📚

I've always been searching inspiration for studies without finding it. I tried different fields, like biology, and more recently, speech therapy that I've been learning for 3 years. I struggled a lot thinking about quitting, but deceiving my family and friends at the same time. And I struggled with this big question : "What do I want to do with my life ?"

I'm not sure of the answer, but I know that I want to do something I like, something that allows me to express myself and that makes me learning new stuff everyday. I also love to create content (even shitty and dumb, as long as it makes people laugh and smile) and to know how things work in the background. So I searched in artistic and creative fields, and after kissu 🍉 told me more about web development and brought me to a meetup, I started my learning.

And that, dear reader, is how I met web development. haha

What's up after 1 month ? 💻


I started my learning the 16th of March thanks to kissu who's mentoring me. Here's a list of what I've learned & done during this month :

  • HTML and attributes
  • Many shortkeys
  • Typing on a qwerty ANSI HHKB keyboard
  • Git commands on Linux Terminal (especially git init, add, commit and push)
  • GitHub (Gitflow : using branches to organize my code)
  • VScode
  • CSS, Flexbox and CSSgrid
  • Watched 2 talks (Sara Vieira and Feross) and read
  • Starting to blog and updating my Twitter
  • Sharing my improvements

And I began learning JS since yesterday night (04.14.20) ! I follow Wes Bos' course.

I have to say that I really love what I'm currently learning. The possibilities are infinite and I'm sure I'll find my place in the web development community, especially in a Frontend role. We'll see where I go ! 😄